Condemned Sihaoukville Hotel Coming Down

Sihanoukville: A nine-story hotel, next to the Lions in Sihanoukville, began to be demolished by a private company. The building was ordered to be torn down after it was found to be technically inadequate and of poor quality.

Sok Sothyra, president of the company (International Business Corporation), which is responsible for the demolition of the nine-story Dragon House, confirmed work is underway. The first floors will be taken down by hand and a crane. When they reach down to the 5th floor they will use heavy machinery.

He also said that the demolition of the nine-storey building was difficult because there were many other structures and people living nearby. His team are taking caution not to cause any accidents. The demolition process will take two to three months to complete.

It is worth noting that Sihanoukville has 14 major buildings which were required by Ministry of Land Management to be demolished after it was found that some of the buildings were cracked and some were faulty.

So far, only three have been demolished according to the guidelines. There were also minor cracks in other buildings which have not been repaired yet, including a six-story structure. AMAPAPA

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