Roadside Tests Net 6 Drug Truck Drivers

Kandal: An inspection of drivers entering Phnom Penh took place on 27.11.2019 from 9.00 to 11:00 am.

A roadblock was set up to check truck drivers for drug use on National Rd 4 in Ampil village, Kambol district.

As a result, 51 vehicles were inspected, with drivers undergoing a urine test. Of those, police found six men (11.8%) with traces of drugs in their system.

The six drivers were detained at the Kambol Police Inspectorate to make a case to send to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court.

Source: TNN TV (Facebook)

One thought on “Roadside Tests Net 6 Drug Truck Drivers

  • March 17, 2020 at 11:43 am

    No real surprise then to the amount of accidents caused by reckless, drugged up lorry drivers. I hope the police carry out many more snap inspections like this one to try and drive the message home to these lunatics who cause havoc on the Cambodian roads.


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