Court Begin Surrogacy Case Hearing

Phnom Penh: The Municipal Court judge on the morning of November 25, 2019 a hearing into a Chinese-Cambodian operated surrogacy case.

There are 38 defendants, including 33 surrogate mothers and 5 managers. Tiu Qiang, a Chinese national aged 59, is accused of the being the head of the operation.

Svay Sino, 34 years old, a Cambodian female is accused of being a manager, Noeun Srey Lang, female, 27 years old, Cambodian, Lim Sopheap, 19, a female translator and a woman named as Thai, 43 another manager.

The hearing went on all day of 25 November.

The court has only questioned the Chinese defendant Tiu Qiang, the company’s general manager in Cambodia. .

He admitted that in Cambodia, he had the responsibility to take care of all the women who were artificially inseminated, and had arrangements to take the baby overseas after birth.

The detention of the five accused was made at 6 pm on 21 June 2018 Villa # 2A, Street 348, and Villa # 9A 348 are located in the Phnom Penh Borey in Russey Keo district.

25 people, including ​​QlANG, were detained. Another raid on a second property detained 18 people and a number of documents, including a number of passports and a large number of baby-related medicines were found.

The 33 surrogate women said they were to receive $ 10,000. From the first month $ 500, with $ 300 every month until birth, and an additional $ 6,000.

All 33 surrogate mothers were sent to the city’s Department of Social Affairs to manage the case pending trial. The five named accused have been in detention since June 28, 2018.


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