Search For Defaulting Chinese Car Renter

Banteay Meancjey: A Chinese man rented a Highlander car from a man in Banteay Meanchey and did not return it as agreed. The owner of the caris now searching for his vehicle and is ready to file a complaint.

According to the owner named, who lives in Poipet, he rented the black Highlander with Phnom Penh license plate 2AS-4335. on 13 September 2019. The contact stated that the car should not be taken outside of Banteay Meanchey unless the owner gave permission.

The Chinese man since drove to Sihanoukville, without telling the owner and no no further monthly payments have been made.

The victim said he suspects the Chinese person named Zhang (Tainan?) has not responded to any phone calls etc. He is worried the car may have been sold without his knowledge.

If somebody sees the car, call 0978775977 0712372888 or contact the authorities to intervene, he will be grateful to you. TVFB

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