Married Couple Murder-Suicide

Phnom Penh: Two people were found dead on November 23rd, folowing an incident in a Borey «Lim Chheang Hak» # 36 D44, St. 128K4, Trapeang Krasang Village, Trapeang Krasang Commune, Por Sen Chey District, Phnom Penh.

The bodies were those of a husband and wife. The woman was killed by her husband in a bedroom, and the man was found hanging nearby. The couple had three children.

The woman was named as Lang Saolly, 41 and her husband, Yuk Reach Vann Touch, 40.

The couple often quarreled and there are reports of previous domestic violence. At midnight on November 23, 2019, the husband came into the house arguing over money they owed. The man beat his wife and then all became silent.

The husband left on a motorcycle and the children could not enter inside, as the door was locked.

The next morning, relatives knocked on the door but there was no reply. Suspicious, the children decided to break through the door and found the woman dead.

Relatives reported to the local police, who found the man hanging dead behind his apartment complex.

Police say the woman was murdered and the man committed suicide shortly after. AREY NEWS

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