Drunk Flips Lexus

Phnom Penh: at about 3 am on November 23, 2019 along the Russian Federation Blvd in front of the Peace Palace.

Before the accident, the silver RX300, license plate number 2AG-6714, driven by an unidentified drunk man, was traveling at high speed on an empty road, when it crashed into the grass in front of the Peace Palace. It overturned and skidded along the road for several meters.

A CNE source at the scene said that that around 7 people managed to escape from the wreckage and (quote) ‘Smelled strongly of alcohol… and was legless’. Luckily no-one was badly injured.

The people disappeared leaving the car, which was later taken to the traffic police office of the Phnom Penh Police Department waiting to the owner to claim.

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