CPU: Internet Crimes Against Children Unit Approved

“Persons thinking of using the internet to commit crimes against children BE WARNED!

The CPU in co-operation with the Cambodian National Police are excited to announce the establishment of Strike Force ‘Juno’ a permanent ICAC – Internet Crimes Against Children strike force to combat internet-based crimes committed against children.

The Commissioner-General of the Cambodian National Police formerly approved the establishment of ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) unit on the 29th of October 2019. Operations will commence immediately.

The Cambodian Government and the National Police are to be commended for their commitment in preventing, detecting and deterring crimes committed against children. Internet-based crimes are a Global issue and Cambodia is ensuring that it is well placed to combat any such crimes from occurring in the Kingdom.

There is still some procedural work to be done to ensure we are using best practices and gather the best evidence but we are very excited to be apart of this important work” – James McCabe Director Operations CPU.

Mr McCabe has told CNE that the unit is busy developing a specialist team of investigators to work with international law enforcement agencies across the globe and are starting the first dedicated investigative crew to respond to both local and international issues of online child abuse.

He added that the problems include live steaming along with uploading and downloading videos involving children and online ‘grooming’. Several arrests have already been made related to such crimes, but many more are under active investigation.

“Our (CPU’s) focus is on all crimes involving children using the net, both local and international. ICAC crime is a global issue. Cambodian authorities have shown their commitment to combat the issue” he said.

Recently member of the unit have attended an Interpol conference CPU attended in Lyon France, where the issue of international co-operation was discussed at length.

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