Bare Ganja Unearthed In Takeo

Takeo: On the morning of November 23, 2019, more than 3,000 marijuana plants and almost 100 kilograms of dried marijuana were found on a hillside in Chroy village, Preah Bat commune, Kirivong district, Takeo province.

A professional force raided and burned 3,350 marijuana plants, five irrigation pools, two large huts and seized 98 kilograms of dried marijuana, equivalent to 15 sacks. A 28-year-old male was detained.

Currently, the arrested green fingered farmer and his Devil’s lettuce were sent to the provincial court to take legal action. POST NEWS

*Because we like making up new phrases to enter into the local lexicon, Kirivong has been dubbed ‘The Green Triangle’ due to the amount of dope that is produced in the district.

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