Australia Committed To Preventing Online Exploitation

Phnom Penh: The Director of the Anti-Cyber Crime Department has requested that the Australian Embassy continue to provide technical assistance as well as training to senior officials to prevent the sexual exploitation of children on the internet and social media.

At the Anti-Technology Crime Department on Friday, November 22, 2019, Lieutenant General Chea Peov, Director of the Anti-technology Department, met with the Australian Embassy’s representatives – Rebecca Goddard, Danielle Gardiner, Jennifer Burke and Sela Sarom – to discuss the prevention of Sexual Exploitation of Children Online and on Social Media.

The Embassy of Australia is aiming to better understand the overall structure before the conference “Developing a Approach to Responding to Child Sexual Exploitation Online” to be held in Cambodia in 2020.

Although the newly established Anti-technology Department has little experience with the above crimes, a professional office that focuses on online content as well as on social networks, especially Facebook, will work with other departments, including the Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection.

However, the general expressed his concern about the rapid development of day-to-day internet technology having a negative impact. With many children having the use mobile phones that have access to the internet and social networking applications, they may be at risk because they lack knowledge of use that can lead them to become victims of crime, including sexual exploitation.

Taking this opportunity, the Director General of the Department also requested that the Australian Embassy continue to assist in providing assistance in techniques, as well as training of a professional officer based on the practical experience of Australian police officers in dealing with trafficking.

Finally, the General thanked the Australian Embassy in Cambodia, especially the Australian Police Officers for their cooperation and said they were a good friend in sharing knowledge and experiences with Cambodian officials. PPR

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