Senior Policeman Hits Noodle Car In Wat Phnom

Phnom Penh: A Major in the police, likely to have been drunk, drove into a cart full of noodles and soups, causing injuries to a mother and child.

The accident happened at 9:40 pm on November 21, 2019 along Sisowath Quay and Road 104 near Night Market in Wat Phnom, Daun Penh District Phnom Penh.

Earlier, an officer spotted a black RX330 with the license plate 2BD-9411 driven by a man known as a police officer along Preah Sisowath Quay in the north-to-south direction.

The car hit the moto-cart traveling with the mother and daughter in the opposite direction.

After the incident, representatives from both sides went to Wat Phnom’s administrative police station, and argued over who was at fault, despite the competent authorities trying to convince both sides to agree to settle.

For over an hour the argument raged, until finally, the car and the cart were hauled off to  Phnom Penh traffic police, to wait for a solution in the future. NKD

2 thoughts on “Senior Policeman Hits Noodle Car In Wat Phnom

  • December 14, 2019 at 12:37 pm

    the noodle cart isn’t even road legal.

    • June 5, 2020 at 6:08 am

      a drunk policeman isn’t road legal either


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