Accused Korean In Court

(Phnom Penh-   A Korean man named Park Haeyoung, a 67 year old male (with Cambodian citizenship and passport), was sent to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court on November 21, 2019 after being arrested on Order 305A, dated 15 November from Judge Keo Sothea, prosecutor of the prosecution at Phnom Penh Municipal Court

After a day of inquiries, no source has confirmed whether the Phnom Penh Municipal Prosecutor’s representative has formalized the accusation or made an indictment against the Korean nationals.

He was arrested following complaints, including one from SHE JIAN LIN, who claims the man wrote bad cheques (*yesterday it was reported total $3 million, the first complaint initially appears to be for $70,000).

After the prosecution suspended proceedings on the afternoon of November 21, police took the suspect to Phnom Penh inspectorate to await further proceedings on the 22nd. AREY NEWS

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