Stung Treng Fisherman Shot On Mekong

Stung Treng Province: A fishermen was shot in the leg and was taken to the Stung Treng Referral Hospital.

The incident occurred on November 17, 2019, along the Mekong River in Siem Bouk district, Stung Treng province. 

Chhun Kunthea, the victim’s wife, said that her is 34-year-old male, living in the area.

On the night of the incident, her husband went to set his nets, and followed by a smuggling boat (*the area is a hot spot for illegal fishing, drug trafficking and timber smuggling), which came within 10 metres and shot at them, she said.

Her husband was injured in his leg.. The victim’s wife said that as of November 18, she had not filed a complaint, and after the incident the boat sped away.

The local chief of police said he had not received an official report about the shooting on November 18, but has sent forces down to interview the victims and investigate.

According to the police, the shooters did not fire a sophisticated weapon, suspected of being a homemade air-gun. AREY NEWS

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