Appeal! Hired Help Runs Off With Girl

Phnom Penh: A young girl has been missing from her family and has yet to be found.

1 year, 9 month-old Bun Thapian disappeared at 8 am on November 15 from Kambol village, Kambol district, Pursat province.

Her mother of the victim, described in tears on the morning of November 16, that her daughter had been taken by a woman hired to look after her.

She had hired an older woman to help care for her baby, as she and her husband had to work, but the woman had to return to her home for a few days. 

On November 14, she also found another woman in her mid-30s to help look after her baby. But on the second day, at 8 o’clock in the morning, the new woman took the baby and disappeared.

According to her mother, the girl was seen at a Health Center. A suspicious doctor took two pictures on his cellphone (pictured). When the girl was reported missing, the doctor sent them to her mother, who confirmed the identity. 

The mother said the woman who abducted her baby was divorced and fled to Phnom Penh to work with her cousin.

She appeals to all authorities for intervention, and asks the general public to call: 077 213 507 if they see either the girl or the woman.


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