Single Use Plastic Ban Being Drafted

Phnom Penh (VNA) – Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment plans to issue a circular banning the import and production of single-use plastic products as part of efforts to reduce plastic waste pollution in the country.

The ministry’s spokesperson Neth Peaktra said that single-use plastic products such as straws, spoons and cups must be replaced by more environmentally-friendly ones.

Cambodian people are encouraged to use straws made of bamboo, paper or metal, he said.

He revealed that the ministry has been drafting a circular banning the import and production of single-use plastic products.

According to environmental protection group Trash Youth, the move is expected to reduce the consumption of plastic products, while improving the livelihood of households and facilities engaging in production of straws and bags made of materials other than plastic such as paper and bamboo.

Major cities in Cambodia have struggled with plastic waste pollution. On the average, each urban resident in the country uses about 2,000 plastic bags every year. VNA

One thought on “Single Use Plastic Ban Being Drafted

  • November 16, 2019 at 8:56 am

    Won’t do any good until the police start going through all the garbage thrown everywhere and finding names/address’s and arresting/fining people. Start with all the garbage bags being tossed upriver into the river that flows by kampot. Also, how about a anti-corruption law that all the road tax money has to go to fixing the roads?(I just paid $200. for my yearly car tax) The roads in Kampot province are a disgrace!! No money is actually being spent to fix the disgraceful , dirty/dusty, pot-holed roads in Kampot Province. Where is the money going??? Put down concrete that actually lasts not cheap oil and gravel. The mass amount of overloaded trucks have destroyed roads that are not concrete and none are being fixed anyway. How can they expect a road to last when they just toss oil and crushed stones on top of red dirt with no foundation? Its obvious that the road tax money is being diverted. Also, how about actual police patrols on Highway #4 (The Death Highway To Hell!) All the drunken/stoned drivers driving container/big overloaded trucks are killing people, not to mention the crazed, unregulated car drivers. (same with the road Phnom Penh to Kampot/Kep).


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