UPDATE: Mick ‘The Pom’ Dies At Kampot ‘Moto Mayhem’

Kampot: A source in Kampot reports that a foreign male died while racing at Kampot’s ‘Moto Mayhem’event at Kampot Stadium.

The source says the man was racing when he appeared to suffer a heart attack on his motorcycle. After coming off, medics performed CPR before he was whisked away to hospital, but (quote) ‘Didn’t look very alive’.

Organizers and spectators identified the man only as ‘Dog’* and described as ‘old and white’.

Moto Mayhem is a regular feature in Kampot, where machines up to 125cc are raced in different categories.

UPDATE: Sources at the scene now say that the man was infamous British national Mick ‘The Pom/The Dog’ Taylor

He was pronounced dead on arrival at Sonja Kill Hospital, Kampot, from a heart attack.

Updates to follow. (Images from FACEBOOK)

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