Chinese ‘Robber’ Released After Mistaken Identity

Phnom Penh: On November 07, 2019, a Chinese suspect armed with a pistol attempted to rob a Chinese owned shop in Chom Chao I commune, Por Sen Chey district, but was immediately detained by two police officers.

Before the incident, the shop owner couple were sitting in their pearl shop, when four men armed with two pistols, burst in. The victim immediately ran out of the house and shots were fired

After receiving information, Po Sen Chey district police chief Yim Saran ordered the siege and detained two suspects and confiscated a K59 pistol.

After questioning the two suspects, one was not found to not be involved in the case and was released. The other was sent to the district police for legal action.

The three others involved are still being hunted by authorities. AREY NEWS

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