Chinese Detained With Drugs And Ammo

Sihanoukville: A fight ended up with gunshots fired 9:40 am on November 2 in village 2, Sangkat 3, Sihanoukville.

Immediately, police arrived at the scene and arrested two Chinese suspects LANG XIAO DONG, 35, and CHEN GUO, 42.

Police searched and found 40 x 9mm bullets in the pocket of LANG XIAO DONG’s along with one large package of white powder and six packs of yama ( 1,188 tablets WY) in a backpack LANG XIAO DONG was holding in his hand and arrested them both.

After questioning the two suspects, the gunman, identified CHENG XINHAI, a 31-year-old male Chinese national had fired the shots and escaped with the weapon.

The CHENG XIN HAI, the arrested men told police, had been using drugs in the room at the time and became violent and fired his gun.

The arrested men claim they were left with the ammunition and drugs after the other man ran away.

Forces are now conducting a search w to arrest the fugitive CHENG XINHAI. The two suspects and their evidence were being prepared to be sent to the provincial court. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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