Dara Sakor Airport Completed By May

Koh Kong: Dara Sakor International Airport has announced that construction will be completed by May 2020.

Dara Sakor International Airport is located in the China-China Investment and Development Zone and near Dara Sakor Cambodia Resort in Koh Kong.

Dara Sakor International Airport is 330 km from Phnom Penh, with an airspace classification 4E, with a runway length of 3,200m, a width of 45m.

Following flight tests, by December 2020, the airport will be officially opened to air traffic.

The international airport project is located in the growth potential area of ​​Cambodia and connects key tourist destinations with easy access to Singapore, Bangkok, Phuket and Hainan, and also from China, Japan, South Korea and other major tourist destinations.

From 2017, Chinese companies have fully invested in the development of Cambodia-China and Dara Sakura Tourism Resort in Koh Kong province to build the largest hotel and resort project in Asia, including 10 five-star hotels and more than 60 entertainment centers. Over the next three years, hotels and resorts will emerge as one of the best entertainment destinations in Asia. 

In addition, Dara Sakor International Airport will be the first 4E airport in the Kingdom after the completion of the construction project, which will enhance the capacity of the airlines as well as connect Cambodia with the region and the world. SWIFT NEWS

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