Taxi Driver Nicked After Chinese Fare Robbed

Phnom Penh: On October 28, 2019, commune police arrested a suspect over an aggravated robbery case in Sen Sok district, by three suspects. 2 people escaped, while 1 was detained.

The suspect, identified as Soeun Tha, a 27-year-old Cambodian national, runs a taxi service.

Victim WANG JIAGI, a 36-year-old male from China, was staying at a hotel on Monivong and was robbed of $ 5,532 USD, KHR 150,000 and a phone.

Police later recovered US $ 1,668 and KHR 150,000 from the suspect and seized his Camry.

The suspect is being detained at the Sen Sok district police station for further procedure. AREY NEWS

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