UPDATE: Toul Kork Shooter Confesses, 10 Year Grudge

Phnom Penh:  There was a fatal shooting in Phnom Penh, and the perpetrator handed himself in to police shortly after. The source said that a little before 11am October 26, 2019, there had been a fatal shooting of a male in Teuk Lae 3, Toul Kork.

UPDATE: The perpetrator has been named as Meas Nara, 30. The victim, named as Ratana, 46, was a teacher at Pong Teuk High School.

The pair had reportedly fallen out over 10 years ago, and feuded ever since. Prior to the shooting the suspect called the victim to have a beer and bury the hatchet. However, according to the shooter’s confession, the victim continued to use ‘bad words to him’, so he shot him ‘3 or 4 times’.

Following the shooting, the man got on his motorbike and headed straight to the local police station and handed himself in.

Local police officials initially confirmed that the murder was committed by the victim’s brother-in-law, and that the shooter had confessed to police.

More details will be announced later. TNN

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