Japanese Prefer Cambodia Cashews

Murayama Tsetuo, director of Top Planning Japan Co., Ltd, asked Agriculture Minister Veng Sakhon to cooperate and advise on how the invest in the future of Cambodian cashew nut processing plant.

The chairman’s request was made on Thursday October 24, 2019 with Veng Sakhorn, Minister of Agriculture at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Murayama Tsetuo thanked the Minister for taking the time to meet with him and his colleagues and to inform the Minister that there are many big business, both in Japan and around the world interested in Cambodian agriculture.

So far, with the support of JICA, the company has conducted research on the potential of Cambodian cashews.

A study of Cambodian cashew nuts, which was tested by Japanese people has shown that Cambodian cashews are more flavorful than cashews from Viet Nam, India and Africa, but overall the quality of hygiene, production, use of technology, cultivation and processing of cashew products are still limited, and these negative factors make it difficult to find a market.

The company is keen to set up an international standard cashew nut processing plant to reduce and eliminate the negatives and to improve the quality and hygiene of Cambodian cashew nuts in the future. 

Therefore The CEO requested the relevant institutions, especially the minister, to cooperate and advise more on the investment plan to establish such a factory.  In addition to cashews, the company is also interested in growing and processing star beans and organic pig farming. PKARTHMOR

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