Safe Crackers Strike Again

Phnom Penh: Nearly $ 50,000 was stolen by a group of robbers from an office in a garment factory building. The theft was discovered at 7 am on October 22, 2019, from the Greenfield factory in Khan Kambol, Phnom Penh.

Li QIANG, a 41-year-old Chinese male, said US $ 49,000 was missing.

On October 10, the victim left $ 80,000 in a storage cabinet in his office. On October 21, just one day before the incident, he had withdrawn $ 31,000 to cover work in his factory. The remaining $ 49,000 was left in the safe and he didn’t know if anyone near him saw the money.

He said that he had locked the safe and the room the night before, and on arriving in the office the next morning, he saw damage to the room and the money was gone. He then summoned the factory manager to assist in the investigation and immediately filed a complaint with the police for immediate investigation. POST NEWS

*This is yet another similar theft from a factory, which have occurred many times over the past year in provinces and districts close to the capital.

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