Doctor: Stop Burying In Sand After Electrocution

Doctors warn that Cambodians should stop burying sand when an arm or leg is electrocuted. May slow down the healing process and may lead to amputation of the arm or leg for the safety of the patient.

Dr. Meng Sok Sien, a Deputy Director at the Cambodia-China Friendship Hospital, said: “Many believe that after a shock, if he buries the affected hand or foot in the sand, it will be able to withdraw the electricity and heal.”

He says this is a false belief, and that it has caused some people to be seriously injured. He explained that he himself had met many patients who did not go to hospital immediately after being electrocuted and instead bury their hand or foot in sand, hoping to recover. 

But doing so will only exacerbate the situation and can even result in infections that require amputation. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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