Creepy Khmer In Thai Spy Trouble

Thailand: Thai state television reported that a shocking incident took place in a rented room in Chonburi town, after a Cambodian man knocking a hole through the wall of his 19 year old neighbor.

The victim said that while she was sleeping, her neighbor knocked through the wall of her room to look at her. She woke up and saw a man peering through the gap, and decided to call the police.

Police then went to the adjoining room and found a Cambodian man, 26-year-old Char Narin, who confessed to his actions.

The Cambodian man said he did so because he liked and fell in love with the victim, and wanted her for a long time, and he wanted to watch her sleeping.

The police are now investigating the man’s creepy behavior and the damage to property. KBN

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