Man Murdered For Moto In Dangkao

(Phnom Penh) –   On October 16, 2019, a man was found dead in the middle of a road in the village of Khtat village, Sak Sampov commune, Dangkao district, Phnom Penh.

The victim, Me Phin, a 29-year-old was living in Por Sen Chey district and was from Takeo Province.

After receiving reports of the death, police inspected the scene and found a helmet and motorcycle mirror. The body showed injuries to the neck and ribs.

Relatives said that the victim had been riding a 2015 Dream motorbike from the house at 8 pm on October 15, 2019 and could not be reached afterwards. On the morning of the 16th of October, when authorities contacted them saying the victim had been killed and robbed.

Police are now working on the theory that the victim was murdered for his motorcycle, and have launched an investigation to find those responsible. AREY NEWS

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