Chinese Crooners Cause Kampot KTV Kerfuffle

Kampot: At 10:10 pm on October 15, 2019, a group of Chinese people visited KTV “Nokor Meas” and assaulted a female in Kampot.

The perpetrator, Wang Jin Jin, 43, employed as a concrete contractor, is living in Kep province.
The unnamed victim, about 28 years old, works in the Kampot KTV

Before the incident, a group of about four Chinese nationals had been singing in the karaoke, and later, while sitting down for a drink, they saw the woman, who was sitting to drink with another Chinese friend.

The suspect tried to take the victim away, but she became angry and pushed him away. The suspect allegedly then slapped the woman and security intervened.

Customers are reported to often be rude in the KTV and slap the girls working there on the buttocks.

The suspect was taken to the police station for questioning. KBN

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