Deadly Explosion and Fire Poipet

Poipet: Reports say that around midnight, a fire broke out in Poipet, near the Chinese school, causing severe damage.

The fire was brought under control and authorities are searching for more bodies this morning. TVFB

UPDATE: Photos of scene at first light. Unconfirmed reports suggest a vehicle hit a shop selling gas, causing the explosion and fire. (Photos submitted to CNE)

UPDATE: A 29-year-old woman identified as Ny Soda, a noodle vendor, died, and two men suffered serious injuries, police now say.

One thought on “Deadly Explosion and Fire Poipet

  • October 15, 2019 at 11:55 am

    Lets look at the scene, as I arrived at 06h30. Contamination of scene, no control over scene. There was a huge negligence factor in preserving a crime scene due to a fatality.
    First observations: Vehicle in position indicating it could be the cause of this fatal incident. Due to contamination of a crime scene, no skid marks available, no other tuk tuk or motorbike in the vehicle vicinity. Positions of all physical evidence on scene and across the road of explosion, are contaminated.
    Many witness statements. These statements can never be used as a factual outcome in this fatal incident. This whole incident will only have speculation and perception as an outcome.
    There was an abundance off evidence on the scene, but again, all contaminated for further investigation. The families of the victims will never have the real answers in exactly what happened with their loved ones, why and how, and who was responsible. NEVER
    Currently I am writing an op-ed on this incident, to see where all the problems arise to get a factual outcome.

    “Food for thought”, If there was a (person) responsible for this incident, and caused the death of an police officer, Is nothing going to happen to the (person) due to contamination of a crime scene?
    That is unfair to the victim or policeman families.


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