Beware AEON Fake iPhone Scammers!

Phnom Penh: Sunheng Sok, a Facebook account user (and English teacher), has shared a story urging people of a scam operating outside AEON Mall car park. 

“Beware of Chinese scams! On the afternoon of October 12, I arrived at the Aeon Mall. As soon as I got off the bike, a Chinese man wanted to sell me an iPhone X, saying in English, “phone phone, sell sell” (he didn’t know he was talking to an English teacher and I didn’t dare to say anything wrong-Grammar, don’t go there). 

He then said “no money, casino! No money, casino!” I also know what’s going on, but I want him to know”How much?” I ask. The Chinese man turned the calculator and typed in 350, and I shook my head. He also switched the settings on the phone to let me know that his phone was an iPhone 11 pro max 256 GB. I also give a thumbs up, and slapped his shoulder as if to say. “Good, good. I know what you’re doing bro!”

The incident finished, and I tried to get a shot of him as thevhevwent on to try to cheat others like in the picture!”

Please note that the phone is a fake or a copy of the product, please see the difference between the actual product and the copy!  Don’t buy from strangers! Lastly, please ask the authorities to help collect this scammer Chinese for education!

Original story from Pkarthmor

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