#girlstakeover At Swedish Embassy

Phnom Penh: Srey Phear, 15, from Stung Treng province, played the role of Swedish Ambassador to Cambodia on the occasion of International Girl’s Day. 

International Girl’s Day, organized by the Swedish Embassy in Cambodia and Plan International Cambodia #GirlsTakeover aims to showcase the potential and leadership of girls and at the same time. Reflect on gender issues. 

According to a press statement, Srey Phear said: “In my community, girls face many challenges such as young marriage, negative gender stereotypes and lack of role models for girls. Young marriage is one of the most serious issues I want to solve. “

Srey Phear added, “The girl’s role gives me the opportunity to discuss the issue of young marriage with the Swedish Embassy. I want to know about measures to stop young marriage so that girls can reach their full potential.”

Samuel Hurtig, Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Sweden in Cambodia, said: “Taking on the role of a female ambassador in the Swedish Embassy is an opportunity to reflect on the rights of girls as part of Sweden’s feminist foreign policy and promoting democracy. By taking on this leadership role, Srey Phear can address the issues of girls in their communities to ensure that their needs and rights are not overlooked. Equal opportunity in life will be able to transform her life and her community by creating a better world for everyone. “

In Sweden, Cambodia, and more than 50 other countries around the world, hundreds of girls are taking on leadership roles in business, politics, media and entertainment, demanding that girls be empowered to make decisions. What affects their lives is the freedom to express their opinions without fear and  promote positive things by girls. .

Young girls and women in Cambodia are facing gender inequalities, both at home and in the community. They are economically inadequate, are less involved in public decision-making and political participation, as well as facing physical violence and personal safety concerns.

Gwynneth Wong, Country Director for Plan International Cambodia: “Girls all over the world are facing major obstacles in their development and realizing their dreams. Girls often have no power over their decisions or choices. When girls have the opportunity to speak and play leadership roles, they will express their thoughts, dreams and opinions. ”

It should be highlighted that the Substitute Girls program is a global movement calling for social and political change aimed at eliminating barriers, discrimination and bias that still hinder girls’ progress. Through this movement, girls get opportunities they may not have seen or heard about, and it clearly shows that they have the right to capture their dreams without fear.

Achieving gender equality is one of the sustainable development goals adopted by the world leaders in 2015, and it promises to change the world by 2030. The Swedish government and Plan International calls for increased investment in the power and leadership of young girls and women to stop young marriage. SWIFT NEWS

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