Footage Of Attempted Snatch Robbery, Phnom Penh

A CNE reader has sent the following video and images of a street robbery in Phnom Penh, which he says occurred on Tuesday 8 October.

He wrote

“On Tuesday morning at 6 AM I was driving with my girlfriend on her motorcycle on street 163 just after the mermaid roundabout. Two men came up quickly from behind and tried to rob us; they failed but unfortunately I crashed in the attempt and my body is pretty beaten up from the fall. My girlfriend landed on top of me so she is fine.

I always wear a GoPro while driving just in case of any problems. I have clear footage of the incident and one of the men’s faces and their motorbike and registration number. We went to the police with evidence. They were polite but I don’t feel hopeful.

I definitely don’t want anyone else to have this happen to them as they may have far more serious injuries and it could be far worse (luckily I always wear a full facial crash helmet as when I hit the concrete my face hit first very very hard).

Someone will definitely know these men…. I want these (*expletive) men caught. Maybe next time they will kill someone.

Please share the pictures and video.. ”

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