Elephant Attacks Battambang Border Post

Battambang – UPDATE: A later report says that 20 elephants were involved in the incident and weapons were fired as warning shots to chase the beasts back into the jungle. (*Difficult to say which report is more accurate)

A large bull elephant crossed over from Thailand near border post 400 in Samlaut and smashed up a gate on the Cambodian side at 10.30 pm, October 7.

Border guards on both sides fled as the elephant made his way through the checkpoints.

The elephant later returned to the Thai territory. According to Thai sources, a few days ago a large herd destroyed Thai crops near the Cambodian border in Borie district, Trat, which borders Samlaut. It is suspected that this elephants may have come from this herd.

No people were injured by the pachyderm, and both sides of the border are now on the lookout in case any more of the animals return. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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