Indonesian Smuggled 8kg Meth Siem Reap-Manilla

MANILA, Philippines – Police on Oct. 7 arrested an Indonesian woman who had 8 kg of methamphetamine from Cambodia.

The Customs official said Agnes Alexandra was detained last night at Manila airport after officers found the drugs in her luggage on a flight after she came off a flight from Siem Reap to Manila.

The woman covered her face and denied that the drugs were hers and claimed that someone had given her the luggage, but officials say there are no excuses for drugs trafficking.

Philippine customs say the drugs had a value of around $1 million.

Alexander will be formally charged with the crime of international drug trafficking.

Earlier in 2019, 149 kilos of the drug was intercepted in a shipment from Cambodia, and was ‘auctioned’ in an attempt to find the buyer.

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