Love Triangle Led To Ratanakiri Police Shooting

Ratanakkiri:  A police officer was shot dead in a Banlung cafe by a colleague and former friend on October 3, 2011.

The perpetrator, Nuon Makara, is a 31-year-old male police officer from at the Anti-Economic Crime Bureau of the Ratanakiri provincial police station. The victim, Phan Tum 3, was a deputy police chief in the Provincial Criminal Criminal Office.

After his arrest, the perpetrator told police that he and the victim were friends and the victim had been in a relationship with his wife. The suspect and wife had not yet completed a divorce.

The suspect allowed the couple to live in peace, but found out the victim had repeatedly assaulted her, and twice warned the victim.

On October 3, 2019, he decided to drive a white NISSAN to the cafe in Banlung, where he went straight to the victim, who was sitting inside, took out a pistol, and shot the victim in the head and drove away.

He went alone to the Yeak La Lake resort in Banlung City and began to drink beer, until 10:45 am when he was arrested. CHNC

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