Chinese Drug Dealers In Court

Phnom Penh: On the morning of October 5, four Chinese suspects and 39 kg of drugs were brought to the court. The men faced questioning over a massive drug operation.

1- YUN LiANFU aged 51, 2- FENG YONGCHAO, a 48 year old, 3. CHOI KA LUN 43 and 4. LAU CHUN KIN 40, are accused of being behind a drug network that was discovered on October 2. (*Yesterday several news outlets said the men were from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan)

Three suspects were arrested at different locations. After interrogation, they told police the supplier was YUN LIANFU, a 51-year-old Chinese male who living in a condo complex in Tonle Bassac. A warrant was issued to arrest the suspect, and 39 kg of drugs were found in the property.

After his arrest, YUN LIANFU immediately confessed to having the drugs delivered to hold, but denied being the supplier.  KOHSANTEPHEAP

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