Bag Snatcher Plays Sewer Hide And Seek

Phnom Penh : 2 out of 3 suspects were arrested after a purse snatching from a woman at 9:30 pm Thursday, October 3, 2019 on the corner of Sihanouk and the Street 105.

According to witnesses the trio of thieves escaped along Street 105 and onto 278 when they collided with another motorbike.

The three suspects then fled, the first suspect southbound, turning west on Street 280 to Street 113, and was arrested by authorities. The second suspect ran northbound, turned onto street 276 and got away.

A third suspect jumped into a sewer near the hospital fence in Boeung Keng Kang II, hiding for more than an hour, then cops broke through a drainage pipe and yelled at him to come out. The stinky suspect crawled out and was detained.

Due to the smell, the cops hosed down the hide and seeker before he joined his pal down the station for further questioning. POST NEWS

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