Man Up A Tree On Street 63

Phnom Penh: Military Police, were called at 8pm on October 1, 2019 to a tree on Street 63 (near the Senate) in Chamkar Mon District, after reports of a man was up in the boughs. After several hours, at 11:00 pm the man was brought down.

Before the incident, the man was seen hiding behind a fence in front of the house in the area. When the house owner challenged him, the man did not answer and skedaddled up the tree and refused to come down.

Authorities arrived, then the municipal and military police force came down to intervene and the man was finally taken from the branches and sent to the municipal military headquarters for questioning.

The man is reportedly homeless and addicted to drugs. He is often seen wandering the streets every day in his own world. AREY NEWS

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