Casino Staff Strike Successfully Mediated

Sihanoukville – Casino workers from Yin Zuo near the Lions Roundabout rallied to protest about working conditions on the night of October 1, 2019.

The director of the Sihanoukville Department of Labor Vocational Training, sent officials down to mediate.

He confirmed that the casino had a total of 609 workers, 246 of them female workers. Over 40 of the workers had gathered with a 4-point demand:

1. The termination issues of two managers to be settled according to the law.

2. The saving of money by the person receiving it (likely to mean saving tips for all staff)

3. To change the attitude of value and equality between Khmer and foreign workers.

4. To register the staff with the National Social Security Fund on occupational accidents and health care.

The department director said that after mediation from the professional officials, the result was achieved. – Huy Bunleng

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