Chopped Up Chinese Man Dumped On Otres

Sihanoukville: According to the news received from local police, a brutak cold-blood murder case occurred in Sihanoukville today. A man, believed to be Chinese, was killed, cut into at least two parts and dumped on wasteland.

The police initially reported that at 9:30 am, the police found the upper part of a body near Otres beachm, ​​No. 6 Village, Sangkat No. 4, Sihanoukville.

According to police, they have not yet confirmed the identity of the deceased, only that it is a foreigner and an Asian male.

However, a police source says the victim is Chinese.

He said that the male body had no lower parts and that and the upper body was wrapped in a sheet and stuffed into a black plastic bag.

After the police believed that the deceased was killed elsewhere, the body then transported to the scene and discarded.

WARNING: Graphic image of scene can be found HERE

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