Female Ex-Cop Accused of Visa Scams

The Phnom Penh Police Commissioner confirmed to the press as well as to the general public that a female officer named Phan Srey Leak, Lieutenant: 74845, had been expelled from the National Police since 7 August. 2018

If this person commits crimes, please file a compliant and the district will take legal action.

The announcement came following reports from a Facebook page called ‘Traffic Spy’ which on authorities to investigate the woman after a foreigner complained that he had been scammed by her after she promised to renew a visa for $450 ($300 + another $150 for express service).

It is reported that the former cop has fooled many foreigners with visa scams.

The foreigner said he had filed a complaint at his local police station in Toul Tompoung, but police were initially slow to act. PKARTHMOR

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