Search For Bodies After Battambang Mudslides

Battambang Province: On September 17, 2019, soldiers of the RCAF 5th Brigade and more than 20 relatives traveled to a mountain side in Samlot district to search for people who went missing on September 16th.

It was reported from other sources that around 7 people left to go hunting on the hillside when they got caught in a flash flood and mudslide. At least 2 people are still left unaccounted for, and it is feared they were buried in the incident.

Residents and relatives appealed to provincial and district authorities to intervene in the search for the victims. There are reports of other landslides in Samlot district, and it is not known how many other people may have been killed or injured. PKARTHMOR

UPDATE#2: Survivors say the hunting party may have crossed into Thai territory, so Thai forces are now also involved in the search. PPR

UPDATE: More info (English)

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