Boy Dies After Drug User’s Arson

Phnom Penh: A drug addict set fire to his own house, which spread to neighboring properties and killed 13-year-old boy on September 17.

As of the morning of September 18, 2019, the parents of dead child were being treated in the emergency ward at Calmette Hospital, with the boy’s father being worse than his wife.

The incident occurred in Sangkat Chrang Chamreak II, Russey Keo, along National Road 5.

According to the source, before the incident, the drug addict asked his father for money to buy drugs, but was refused. The suspect then lit a fire in the house which continued to spread to 11 houses. The suspect then fled.

Firefighters tackled the blaze for around an hour, but the victim, a 13 year old Cham with learning difficulties died in his home. His parents were burned trying to save him. KBN

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