Otres Faces Trash Nightmare

Sihanoukville – Citizens say there is a lot of waste and rubbish at the end of Ochheuteal beach on September 17, 2019.

The rubbish has flowed through the streams from the city center to the sea during the recent rains and floods in Sihanoukville. Waste problems along the canal in Sihanoukville are still caused by residents dumping garbage in public spaces, despite provincial and municipal authorities series of education guidelines.

The problem persists, with each passing hour of rubbish being collected from bridges and streams.

However, relevant experts and environmental volunteers, will clean up the coast. Environmentalists say that if the garbage can not be stopped, the problem will not be solved, and the waste company needs to increase its collection activities.

When it rains, garbage flows through the streams into the canal, eventually reaching the coast, affecting the environment. Please all join in and solve this problem, not regard the waste as the sole responsibility of the authorities or any party. (Huy Bunleng, Facebook)

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