New City Plans To Boost Siem Reap Tourism

Siem Reap: Following the decline of tourist numbers at the Siem Reap-Angkor destination, the Inter-Ministerial Commission has announced the release of four Tourism Development Strategic Plans, mainly to address related issues to boost tourist growth, while the region has significant potential. It is also determined that development must be made to attractive tourist destinations.

The announcement of the necessary strategic plan was made on the occasion of the third meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Commission for the Planning of Tourism Development Master Plan in Siem Reap, presided by Minister of Tourism Thong Khon and Minister of Environment HE Say Sam Al.

The meeting announced the release of Siem Reap Tourism Master Plan and short-term action plan for 2019-2020 under the direction “Turn Challenges into Opportunities”.

The four strategic plans are:

1 – Diversification of new tourism products to extend the stay period of tourists.

2- To create competitiveness in tourism.

3- To create connectivity.

4 – To create a new identity for Siem Reap.

At the same time, the Inter-Ministerial Commission has identified Tonle Sap Lake, Siem Reap city, and surrounding areas as development areas for new tourist destinations other than the Angkor temple complex.

In addition, in order to welcome the growing number of tourists, the inter-ministerial committee also plans to study the creation of a new Siem Reap town that would allow for the construction of modern buildings and an international airport.

The new city of Siem Reap has been revealed to be located around 60 km east of the provincial capital (*which, if confirmed would put it somewhere in the region of Boueng Per Wildlife Sanctuary).


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