Fried Beef? Meanchey Elecowtrution!

Phnom Penh: A cow rubbed up against a lamppost and suffered a fatal electric shock at 6:50 pm on September 14, 2019 along Street 217, Stung Meanchey II, Meanchey district. Phnom Penh.

According to witnesses, the heifer was seen walking along the dividing grass at the scene and began scratching at the lamppost before being electrocuted. Following the incident several other heifers ran across the street.

The source said that almost every night, he never saw the cow owner bring the beasts home, while the cows sometimes congregated in the area.

The authorities arrived at the scene and contacted an electrical expert to inspect the post, who said that the an old wire, combined with water from recent rain inside the unit, had caused the bovine bereavement.

The cow corpse was then carted away. POST NEWS

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