Non-Payment Leads to Construction Stabbing

Phnom Penh: A Chinese construction worker was detained by police in Toul Kork on September 11, 2019 at 8 pm on the site of the Gateway Lot No. 132, Group 33, Village 10, Phsar Depot Market 3 Tuol Kork. His arrest came after a Chinese construction manager was cut with a cleaver during an argument over unpaid wages.

Police say the suspect was LI ZHIQUAN male, 31, Chinese, occupation, construction worker at the Gateway site.

The victim was ZHANG DING JUN, a 35-year-old Chinese manager of the MCC Construction Company working on the same project. The victim suffered a knife wound to the left forearm, needing three stitches.

Police say the violence was caused by the non-payment of wages to the suspect. When arrested, authorities took a urine sample for drugs, which came back negative.

He is currently being detained at the Toul Kork Police Inspectorate. SOURCE

*On August 27, another Chinese worker died in a fall on what is believed to be the same site.

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