Kampot Villages Python Problem

Kampot: According to reports, residents of Prey Kuk and Phnom Khyang villages (*unsure of district) are scared of a number of pythons that come down from the mountain and eat their livestock, especially chickens.

According to a resident, Kong Vorn, a 52-year-old of Prey Kok village, said on the morning of September 10, that on the night of September 4, a python was killed by villagers. He added that 5 pythons had previously been killed in the area.

The villagers, he said, should be assisted by an organization, who should tell the people not to kill a python eating chicken, but to take it to a zoo.

According to another resident, Chea, a 51-year-old resident of Phnom Khyang, in the past, pythons came into the village taking cats, chickens, and even dogs. A python weighing about 10 kg was burned by villagers after it came to swallow a piglet in a cage.

According to the monk of the pagoda, the monks help to catch the snakes if people find them in the village There are around 20 snakes that live in caves around the mountain. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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