Chinese Quartet Arrested After Beating (Video Update)

Phnom Penh: 4 Chinese men were detained for questioning after a violent attcak on another Chinese male at 3 pm, 10 September 2019 in Kbal Domrei 2 Village, Sangkat Kakap 2, Pur Senchey District, Phnom Penh.
XU YoanYoan male, 34, Chinese, working in a casino.
Zhan Bin, 37, Chinese man working in a casino.
Zhuqing Wu Male, age 30, Chinese, working in a company.
Zhan Liming, 25, Chinese, working in a casino.

The victim, Chi Fuming, a 27-year-old Chinese man, was staying at Khai Shan Guesthouse along Russian Federation Road, Kbal Dam 2 village, Por Senchey district. He was left with a broken nose and damaged eye socket.

Witnesses then said that four Chinese nationals had beaten the victim and tried to get away in an RX300 car, Banteay Meanchey 2A-6881 license plate. Police quickly arrived and arrested them.

The suspects were taken to Porsenchey District Police Inspectorate for questioning and provisional detention. POST NEWS


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