Kampot Cop Busted With Drugs After Violence

Kampot: A Kampot provincial police Lieutenant Colonel was arrested on charges of use of violence against gas station staff. Following a search of his car, several packages of suspicious white powder were found, along with various US number plates and a DJ console.

According to a Facebook account, San Prum, the top cop attacked Kampot Total Station staff. “After the arrest, Kampot provincial police chief found several packages of drugs and other evidence. At this time, the suspects isin pre-trial detention at the Kampot Municipal Inspectorate, pending further proceedings on September 8, 2019.” KHMERNOTE

UPDATE: The police officer appears to be one of 10 people arrested after a brawl at the Total Station at the Salt Workers Roundabout, which left a teenager injured. The drugs were later discovered in his car. POST NEWS

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