Japanese Murder Trial Adjourned

Siem Reap: Two Japanese men who killed a taxi driver in an attempted robbery, confessed to the crime in Siem Reap court on September 9.

The defendants ISHIDA REIMON and NAKA RYUJI, both are aged 24.

During the hearing the court was told the suspects planned to rob the taxi driver to pay off debts in Japan.

During the hearing, which lasted about two hours, the men confessed to stabbing and killing the victim Hoem Chan on March 17, 2019.

The wife of the deceased asked for $ 100,000 in compensation and requested a long prison sentence.

The defense lawyer, The Chamroeun, asked the court to change the charge of murder to involuntary manslaughter, as the pair did not plan to kill the victim.

The hearing was then adjourned. Rasmei News

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