Flight To China Diverted After Passenger Trouble

*From one of our favourite WeChat sources (which over time have always been proved to be good).

On September 7th, some netizens broke the news that flight QD700 from Westport (Sihanoukville) to Hangzhou suffered problems after taking off. Around 20 minutes into the flight, a passenger attempted to rush into the cockpit. The plane was then diverted to Phnom Penh Airport. (*confirmed here).

After learning the news, Cambodian.com interviewed Mr. Xing, a passenger on the plane. He told the story in detail.

He said that the passenger who tried to rush into the cockpit sat next to him and said to him “I am also Death, everyone will die together”

The first time he rushed into the cockpit, he was persuaded by the passengers and crew members to calm down. One of the passengers advised him: “You shouldn’t be like this, on a plane man.”

As a result, he backed down and was placed in another seat. After 10 minutes the passenger again started making trouble and was tied up by flight crew and fellow passengers.

Mr. Xing also said that there was a person in his 60s who was traveling with the passenger who was causing the disturbance. Hee went to the old man and asked him if they were together.

The old man said Yes. He asked him if the problem passenger had been drinking. The old man said that he didn’t drink alcohol, but had a problem with his brain.

Asked why he couldn’t control the man, the old man replied “I can’t control (him) either.”

Later, the plane landed at Phnom Penh International Airport. When the police came, they took the passenger away.

Mr. Xing said: “In fact, it is not just Chinese. All passengers will come forward in this situation. Because it is about the safety of every passenger, it will not let him threaten the safety of all our passengers. However, when he first rushed into the room, everyone was scared and told him to sit down but never listened. When I arrived in Hangzhou, the captain specially thanked our brave Chinese compatriots by radio. . “

Many netizens praised the passengers who subdued him for the first time.
There are also many netizens who have condemned the behavior of the passenger who rushed to the cockpit writing : “This kind of behavior is too extreme, too strange, I don’t want to live, don’t hurt others.”

“You should let him not fly for life!”

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